How To Care for Yourself this Holiday Season

The Holidays bring joy, excitement, and special time with loved ones. They also bring anxiety, stress, and direct our attention to others, instead of ourselves. While it is very important to focus on your loved ones during the holiday, it is JUST as important to focus on you. By taking the time out to focus on yourself, you are able to show up for others in a more powerful way than if you are getting burnt out focusing on them.

This year, don’t let that be you.


Schedule in Time Just for You

Whether it’s 5 minutes to read, 30 minutes to exercise, or anywhere/anything in between. Make this a non-negotiable to every. single. day. Like I said, it can be as short as 5 minutes, but you MUST schedule time in for yourself. Pick something that brings you ultimate happiness, decide how much time you can dedicate daily to doing that task. What’s important here is to be realistic. If you know you cannot dedicate 45 minutes a day to a work out, don’t make that your ‘just you’ time. If you do, you will not see the positive impact it will have, and you will just feel more stressed for not completing your task.

Know That It’s Okay to Say ‘NO’

There is SO MUCH going on during the holidays. From family to friends, to work obligations, they’re there. And they don’t go away. Some people thrive off all of these events (I particularly, am one of those people, so I get it.) If you’re on that train with me, great. Attend all the events! But I will admit there are times when the idea of going out for New Year’s Eve or attending that Ugly Sweater Party just does not sound appealing. And I know there there are plenty of you out there who feel the same. In these times, know that it’s okay to say no. Everyone is busy this time of year so people get that you will not be able to attend everything, and that’s ok.

Take a Moment and Show Gratitude

When times get overwhelming and you’re dealing with the holiday stresses, take a deep breath and be grateful. Think things along the lines of “I’m grateful I have family to spend the holiday with.” “I’m grateful I am able to provide my family with a holiday meal.” “I am grateful I have so many friends in my life that I have multiple celebrations to attend.” All of these people and things are in your life for a reason. Even when things get hard, be grateful you are able to even have that experience at all. Just a reminder that not everyone gets those opportunities.

Happy Holidays!

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