3 Tips on Using an Agenda Book

First off, let me start by recommending the BEST Planner I have found. Naturally, I found it at Target. I love it because it's small enough to fit into any bag I may need it to, it has it's own built in To-Do list, AND is super supportive of goal setting.

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Tip 1: COLOR CODE! Being a teacher, I'm a huge fan of colored pens. They really come in handy when planning out my week. This is important if you do not have an agenda book set up the way mine is with the To-Do list off to the side. I color code based off of a few things: fun with friends/family, to-do lists, meetings/commitments. Keeping different events in different colors helps me to decipher what is what (especially when my caveman language comes into play.) 

Tip 2: THIS WEEKS TOP 3. Another reason I love this planner so much is because it has a spot for the week's top three goals! Before discovering this specific agenda book, I would just list them up at the top of the page. I suggest doing this if your planner does not have a specific spot for them. Sitting down and thinking through your week to decide your top three non-negotiables is so important! It helps to have just three things to really focus in on for the week. And it feels so good when it's time to cross them off the list!

Tip 3: PREPLAN. I always sit down on Sunday (or if I know my Sunday will be booked up, Saturday or Monday) to plan out the week. This is when I decide on those Top 3's for the week. I will also write out my To-Do lists for each day, filing in what I know will be coming up those days and need to accomplish. Of course, these lists are bound to change during the week when things come up, but I assure you it's so nice going into the next day knowing what is on your list! 

Time to get planning!