My Top 3 Activities from My Colorado Trip

Looking to make a trip to the Colorado Springs or Denver areas? I just found myself there a couple weeks ago. Here are my top three favorite activities!

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

What makes Cheyenne Mountain Zoo different from some others you may have seen is that it's on the side of a mountain. Pretty cool, huh?! Not only do you get to walk around a zoo, but you get a bit of a hike in, too! My favorite part of every zoo is stopping in the aquarium to see the penguins, as they are my favorite animals. Unfortunately, Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is currently building a brand new aquarium. Guess that gives me a reason to go back! My all time favorite part of the zoo, however, was the giraffe exhibit. Not only can you see the giraffes, but you can see them at eye level, feed them, and even pet them! It was definitely the most exciting part of the zoo for me!

Check their website here.


Hiking the Maxwell Falls Trail

For me, I'm a fan of hiking in general so it doesn't take a fancy trail to please me. What was nice about this hike was that you could easily choose the distance you wanted to go, which was really helpful given it was my first time taking my pup, Harlee, hiking. We originally thought we would just do the mile loop as we weren't sure how long she would make it. But three miles and one tired HUMAN later, the pup refused to get into the car and leave. I'd consider it a successful hike for both dog and dog mom!

Looking for dog friendly hikes in the Denver area? Check out this page!


Brunch at Highlands Cork & Coffee

Originally we had plans to brunch elsewhere, however we had Harlee with us and the first place we stopped didn't allow pups on the patio. After some searching, we found this cute little brunch spot that allowed pups on their patio so we decided to check it out! It was such a winsome patio with the most delicious food! I tried their White Sangria which was so tasy and a spicy turkey panini that ten out of ten would recommend! I highly suggest giving Highlands Cork & Coffee a try if you're in the Denver area and looking for a delicious brunch with your pup! 

Unfortunately we were all so hungry and excited to eat, that this experience wasn't documented on camera, but check out Highlands Cork & Coffee's website!