Flipping Negative Situations to Positive

When things don’t go the way you had planned at work...how do you respond?

What is your initial reaction? Do you go towards blame of a colleague? Do you automatically assume that everything else is going to fall apart after? Do you find yourself stuck in the negative?

These are all extremely common ways to respond to less desirable situations. However, responding in this way is only going to call more negativity toward you. It is not going to help you gain control and feel happy and confident at work.

Life isn’t meant for us to stay stuck in this box, given we spend the majority of our lives working, we DEFINITELY are not meant to stay stuck in this negative box in our career.


There are a few ways we can go about flipping our situation and our script.

+When something goes wrong, acknowledge what the negative situation and feeling felt like and where it came from. Use this is an opportunity to learn and grow. In the moment, say to yourself, “I am so grateful for this situation as it is a learning experience for the future.” Use what you’ve learned from this situation to come up with a plan for how you can then respond in a POSITIVE light in the future.

+If you were the reason the situation went awry, ADMIT it! This is hard, but it will help you to gain the respect of those around you, as well as respect for yourself. Admitting you were wrong also opens up the opportunity for others to offer up suggestions as to how the situation could be handled different in the future… hence more GROWTH!!

+Acknowledge positive situations whenever the occur. Acknowledging the positive will help to call in even more of that! The Universe hears “Oh, you like how this feels?! Let me give you more of it!”

Give these tips a try the next time you find yourself in a negative situation!