Your Past Limiting Beliefs are Keeping You Limited

You may think your money mindset is better than it was five years ago. You may think your self confidence is stronger than it was ten years ago. And you may be right…



Have you actually addressed your past limiting beliefs lately? Whether we recognize it or not, limiting beliefs we had in the past can still be in our subconscious and impacting our mindset today!

The limits that have been put on us by others as well as the ones we have put on ourselves are incredibility detrimental to all that we COULD achieve if we put them aside!

These beliefs are what differentiate the unsuccessful from the successful. Successful people STILL have limiting beliefs, but they recognize them and push through them!

So how do we do that?

The first step is to begin to recognize what that limiting belief is. What is holding you back when you go at something new? Is it fear? Is it the time it will take to achieve? Are you telling yourself “Well, it didn’t work before, so how will it now?” There are SO many out there! Begin journaling or just writing in a note on your phone when these beliefs come up. Then look over your list after a couple days. What is the common theme? That is your most frequent limiting belief.

So now what?

It’s time to make a plan! Make sure it’s a realistic plan, otherwise it’s going to be difficult to overcome this belief.

For example:

+Limiting Belief: It is selfish of me to spend my money on a coach.

+Action Plan: I am going to start to budget out my money, reminding myself daily that this is my hard earned money, and I DESERVE to spend it in a way that is in alignment with me and my goals!

Time to stop limiting yourself!!