5 Favorite Travel Snacks

Traveling and staying on track with eating healthy can be really hard, am I right?! When I travel I love to set myself up for success by making sure I have snacks purchased ahead of time! Here are my top 5 favorites for you!


1. RX Bars - I love how clean these treats are! There are also so many different flavors to choose from. If you're a fruit gal, they've got your back. Can't go a day without chocolate? Don't worry girl, they've got you covered! Because they do have dates as one of the main ingredients, they are a chewier consistency, which doesn't bother me any. (But I do know it can make a difference for some people.) I typically pick up my RX Bars at my local grocery store in the Health Foods section. Trader Joe's also carries a selection of these bars. Didn't have time to pick some up before hitting the road? No worries, love! Most gas stations have a flavor or you to choose from!

Get you some RX bars for your next road trip here.


2. Protein Shakes - Protein shakes are so quick and easy to travel with, too! The easiest ways to travel with protein is to either divvy up your current protein into baggies by serving size or to buy individual packs of protein. Again, these can easily be found in a health foods section! I typically travel with Quest Protein as I can easily buy single serving sizes at my grocery store. Another protein brand I like is Protein Milkshake, however, this is only available online. This is a product I would divvy up into baggies, unless I have planned ahead and ordered some sample sizes from them! All you need is your protein and a shaker bottle to enjoy this treat while traveling. Whenever you're ready to enjoy it find yourself a bottle of water or a sink and mix it on up!

Interested in trying out Quest Protein? Pick some up here. Protein Milkshake? I got you, girl!


3. Trail Mix - There are so many benefits to having trail mix as a travel snack! One of them being that you can make your own. Simply head to the grocery store and pick up the ingredients you want in it, mix it up, and separate them into healthy proportions! (Bonus of this is you can make the mixture as healthy .... or unhealthy ... as you'd like.) For me I typically just like to pick up a pre-made bag at the grocery store. I like the good ol' fashioned mix of nuts, chocolate, and raisins! For me, personally, if I want to stick to eating a serving size I do need to portion it out ahead of time. Otherwise, trust me when I say I could eat the whole darn bag. 

Here's a link to Target's Trail Mix selection for you.


4. C&C's - You can never go wrong with some good clean veggies, right?! My favorite veggie combo is carrots and cucumbers. If you're traveling without a cooler, it is probably best to just stick with some carrots as they'll last a little longer than the cucumbers will. If you're planning to munch on this treat early into your trip, you should be good to go! Just prep your cucumbers ahead of time and get them sliced up. Sometimes, you just need to dip your veggies in something good. I'm a huge fan of hummus as an option for this! Head on over to your local Farmer's Market or grocery store to pick up some good produce for your trip!

Can't eat veggies without some dip? Head over here to get some easy on-the-go options.


5. Beanitos - Last, but definitely not least. My newest discovery, Beanitos! These are chips make out of beans. If you go with the Restaurant Style you have a very clean treat. Only four ingredients! Beans, sunflower oil, long grain rice flower, and sea salt make up this yummy treat. These taste just like tortilla chips! Eat them plain, or dip them in some salsa and guac! They have a ton of different flavors, but my personal favorite would be the Restaurant Style White Bean Chips. Since discovering these bad boys there hasn't been a moment where I haven't had them lying around! They're perfect for those salty cravings you get while traveling. I just pick these up at my local grocery store.

Check out their website here.

Happy snacking!