Your 6 Week Journey to Re-Aligning your Personal Values begins NOW!

Allowing yourself to

see where you’re at and making the

inner shifts to get to where you want to be.

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I have a few questions for you…

Do you find yourself feeling any of these ways:

__Feeling a disconnect with who you truly are outside of your daily commitments?

__Ending most evenings feeling like the day was exactly like the one before it, in other words, living robotically?

__Not sure why you can’t just be “happy”?

__Convinced that you don’t have the “time” in your day to dedicate toward loving on you?

Do you want to feel any of the following ways:

__Rejuvenated and excited for what your day is to bring

__Energized to put in the time each day to love on you

__Clarity about what it is you truly desire and value

__Pure happiness within each moment, no matter where you’re at or what you’re doing

__Knowing you are aligned with who you are and making a consistent effort to show up for her, daily

If you said YES to ANY of the above…

Ignite Your BLISS is FOR YOU!

JOIN ME for 6 exhilarating weeks of finding and experiencing who you truly are!

What you get when you join:

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What we’ll be diving into:

Week 1: Expressing Gratitude - Learning what a gratitude practice looks like and how it will positively impact our lives.

Week 2: Time Management - Learning why time management is important in order to achieve our goals and implementing strategies to create more time in our lives

Week 3: Creative Flow- Practicing different ways to get in a creative flow to truly get in touch with our souls desires and creating a vision board in a way that has NEVER BEEN DONE before this course!

Week 4: Core Values - Putting it all together! Identifying and getting in touch with those core values to live our most aligned life.

Week 5: Showing Up - Effectively putting plans into place that we can use daily to show up for our values and ourselves.

Week 6: Your Future Blueprint - Getting in touch with our “Why” statement and making a plan for moving forward. Visualizing our future selves and making plans on how we will hold ourselves accountable to become that version.

Because that version of you is in there.

This is just the start, love.

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I promise you that by joining this adventure, you will conclude the six weeks with more clarity around what you truly value in life, actionable steps and blueprints put in place to show up for yourself and your values daily, and a newfound excitement for what your daily life is to bring!

You are deserving of a fulfilled life that gets you enthusiastic about getting out of bed in the morning and encompasses all you have ever dreamed of! Are you ready to go on this adventure with me?!

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Are You Ready?!

An investment that will transform your life!





When I saw Kelsey’s course on “Re-aligning Personal Values”, I thought, “hmm, there’s something within me that tells me I should most definitely sign up.” But, obviously I had my initial doubts and inner critic telling me I wouldn’t follow through or have successes along the way. And with those thoughts in mind, of course I had reservations with the cost. I negatively thought, “If I invest in something that I may not succeed in, then I’ve wasted time and money.” These thoughts were not even in regard to Kelsey or the course content, because I didn’t even know what this journey was going to entail. Our inner critics, our limiting thoughts, have too much power over us at times and can be our worst enemies and hinder us from making personal investments and decisions that will lead us to living our best lives.

Well, let me just say that I chose to IGNORE that “mean girl” inside basically telling me I wasn’t worth the investment to re-discovering my personal values. If I can spend $75 dollars, sometimes more, on Starbucks and going out to eat which instantly gratifies, yet manifests NO long-term happiness, then I can spend $75 and invest in ME.

The course opened my eyes to so much through weekly themes of gratitude, time-management, and personal values, to name a few. I learned so many applicable tools that I aim and currently implement on a regular basis.

For instance, time-management has always been a struggle for me.  The “Old Me” would’ve thought, “Oh, I’m perfectly happy bingeing and scrolling social media 30min to an hour, and if I want to, what’s the big deal?!” or “I’m too “busy” to hang out with friends,” or “It’s okay if I pick up some fast food, knowing I’m going to eat more than I should alone at home, because I didn’t “have the time” to meal prep?”

Little did I know that I was living OUT of alignment and hindering my own growth into the best version of myself.  AND, not to mention, I was not showing up in life as the woman I truly aspired to be in these situations.

Since the course, I will be honest that I’m still not 100% free from my inner critic. She says “screw it, just order the pizza!” (Which, in moderation, is not bad)

However, now I think about that thought for a moment to sometimes 5-10 min and think of the ways around that decision – a decision, which ultimately could leave me feeling not so great afterwards. I’ve learned to be prepared for these thoughts and strike back with an action plan that help keep my goals in mind and in alignment.

Kelsey introduces many tools such as these that are essential to alignment and prioritizing your life to live true to your values. She guides you through accountability tasks, tips and check-ins, and gives examples of her own journey to alignment to ensure you that you are not alone on this journey. This course is beautifully executed. It is authentic. It is real. It is vulnerable. It is everything I needed to dig deeper into what I truly value in life.

The truth is - and what I have come to know and understand through this 6-week journey to re-aligning my personal values - we ALL have a fire within. We have that personal “WHY”, which motivates us in chasing our dreams or simply just showing up as the best version of ourselves.  Our family, friends, coworkers, strangers, all deserve the BEST version of ourselves. And let me tell you ladies, you WILL discover your best YOU through this course and under Kelsey’s inspiring and inviting mentorship and with the fellowship and support of other incredible women on the same road. You just have to believe in yourself and know that you are fully capable and WORTHY of discovering and manifesting what lights your soul on fire!



Before signing up for Kelsey’s 6-week journey to re-aligning personal values course, I felt lost.  I wasn’t sure what goals I was going to set for myself and how I was going to make 2019 different for me.  I knew I craved a change, both physically and mentally.  I remember being at the beach with family right after Christmas and just happened to watch a “live” Instagram clip with Taylor Simpson.  She had a “guest speaker” join her.  It ended up being Kelsey.  I remember asking a few questions and both Taylor and Kelsey said it was a sign from the universe…that I needed to be on that Instagram live.  Something in the universe told me to click on that post in the middle of our holiday beach vacation!

 Kelsey reached out to me a couple of times after the live asking if I wanted to join her course.  Deep down I knew I wanted to but had a reservation about investing in something that had potential to better myself.  What?!  How dare I spend money on an online course with someone from the Instagram world that may not even help me.  Boy, was I wrong!

 Kelsey organized the course impeccably.  From the course outline, workbooks, writing prompts to the Facebook group, daily inspirational quotes, accountability activities — everything was managed so thoughtfully.  There was never any pressure to stay exactly on track with the weekly workbooks but the accountability pieces really helped to give that extra nudge to remind us that what we put out to the universe, we will receive back in some way. 

 Because of this course, I have found a new appreciation for my values, gratitudes, creative juices.  I have better time management and have implemented new routines in my daily life to include journaling and meditation.  My mental space is much clearer and I have had an easier time letting go of certain things and situations that disservice me.  I only do things and incorporate people in my life that light me up now.  I have learned to choose love over fear in every moment and experience.  I’ve learned to stop self-sabotaging and showing more self-love. I’ve learned that I simply cannot pour from an empty cup so I do more to be present for myself so I can be more present for others.  And I am continuing to learn how to stay connected to my “why.”  This mama has officially gotten her groove back! 



When I first saw Kelsey’s promotion for the 6-Week Journey to Aligning Your Personal Values, I was curious!

The holidays had just gone by, and funds were fairly low. I saw Kelsey on an IG live with someone I was familiar with, Taylor Simpson. I listened to what Kelsey was offering and it sounded great! I mean, who wouldn’t want to get their personal beliefs into alignment? I was feeling a little scattered as the new year approached, and wanted to start off the year strong.

I read through what was going to be covered in the six weeks, and it sounded great! I signed up, because it is worth investing in yourself! I signed up!

The women in the course were in closed group on Facebook. This was the place we went to check in. Kelsey also emailed us weekly topic content. We had daily movement, gratitude, meditations, and more added on as the weeks went by. She also had us check in to the group for accountability, and she did weekly FB lives to support us on each week’s topic. At the end of each week we did reflecting and got back to her on our progression. I was introspective and looked very deeply within, to report back to her. It was empowering! She was with us every step of the way!

I have realized through doing this inner work, that I had gotten away from the things I used to do, that brought me joy. I was able to decide what types of activities I enjoyed, and began to weave them back into my life. I am also happy to say I now journal daily gratitude and I meditate for at least 10 minutes a day on most days. These rewards have enhanced my life in so many ways. I have changed my outlook on things and my mindset has improved dramatically

Don’t hesitate to invest in yourself. You are worth it! Having this kind of close guidance and support from Kelsey and the other women on the same journey will help you to become your most authentic version of you...this is priceless!


How I felt before the course was stressed out and like I was coming from a place of lack (I was) And it was a crazy story, but there was another life coach (I hadn’t heard much about life coaching before) that I was following on Instagram that I didn’t feel ready to take the plunge with yet-anyway she had an interview with Kelsey and I didn’t even know anything about the course but felt really inclined to sign up (don’t know either woman in real life) and I did and turns out Kelsey lives near me and is now my life coach! So crazy how these things work out!

There was a block because I didn’t know if it would be worth it or what kind of content would be provided/how a coach IS- if they’re a good coach or not-but I felt like Kelsey was personally coaching me and I got so much from her even though it was a group setting! I feel like I got way more than I paid for and that she checked in with us every day and I was actually surprised to learn she had another job (teacher) because it felt like she was so dedicated to the group and motivated us to keep going and really work on the course work.

My biggest shifts were that now I actually have personal values and values I actually am consistent with and stick to every day (like writing gratitude) and that have helped me be a better person-one of them was consistency and finishing tasks I started such as picking things up right away or seeing a project through to the end. I also became a lot more creative because that was one of the themes of the week, and I thought it was dumb because I am NOT creative whatsoever but I found out that I really like gardening! I wouldn’t of tried it before!

 Moments that I have responded differently to have mainly been whenever I am annoyed or mad at something I instantly turn my thought around and be grateful for something! It really has opened so many doors and I have manifested things I didn’t even think that I could. For instance I was mad because my boyfriend was ripping down walls in the basement but Kelsey said to be grateful that I had someone that was working on the house, so I wrote that down and he ended up remodeling the whole house which I had wanted for awhile! And now it is beautiful! There are many examples like that which I know wouldn’t of gone the way they did without me turning my attitude into gratitude!

 Accountability has definitely helped me and I don’t think I would have done the every day gratitude without the facebook group holding me accountable! Same with life coaching!

 I would tell the old me that even though I thought gratitude was silly and that I wasn’t going to come up with any personal values (I couldn’t come up with anything!!! And thought no way I needed values) that its so easy to find out what you need and don’t need in your life especially when there are other people there to encourage you and help you dive deep to see your blocks and how to turn thoughts around into positive things!


Stop Letting Fear Hold You Back! - Let’s Do This!!